Dina Rasor

Treasurer of the Board

Dina Rasor 500

Dina Rasor is a partner in the Bauman and Rasor Group which does investigative and consulting work on lawsuits including health care fraud and military procurement fraud.  Ms. Rasor founded POGO's predecessor organization, the Project on Military Procurement, in 1981 and directed it for ten years.  In that capacity, Ms. Rasor researched and publicized many of the major defense scandals of the 1980s such as the infamous $7,600 coffee brewer and the $670 armrest in the C-5 cargo plane, as well as the ineffectiveness of major weapons systems and other procurement fraud.  She also worked as an investigative journalist for newspapers and television shows such as ABC's PrimeTime.  Ms. Rasor authored The Pentagon Underground, co-authored the whistleblower's manual Courage without Martyrdom: A Survival Guide for Whistleblowers, and edited the book, More Bucks, Less Bang: How the Pentagon Buys Ineffective Weapons.