Freddy Martinez

Senior Researcher

Areas of Expertise

FOIA, law enforcement misconduct, privacy, surveillance

Freddy Martinez 500

Freddy Martinez joined POGO as a senior researcher in 2022. Previously, Freddy was a senior policy analyst at Open The Government, a nonpartisan coalition dedicated to advancing a more open and transparent government. He was also a fellow at the Freedom of the Press Foundation, which was focused on protecting newsroom sources. Over the last decade, he has become an expert on the use of emerging technologies and their implications on civil liberties when used by police departments. His work has been covered by the New York Times, the New Republic, the Intercept, NPR, the Chicago Sun-Times, and other media outlets.

Freddy’s work on face recognition technology sparked international regulatory action in 2020. His investigations into the use of cellphone tracking tools prompted the Illinois legislature to pass one of the country’s strongest warrant requirement laws. He has also investigated improper police seizures and prosecutions, the politicization of the CDC during the COVID-19 pandemic, and law enforcement misconduct.

Latest Work