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Championing Responsible National Security Policy

Tell Congress: End Wasteful Defense Spending Now

Congress must hold the Pentagon responsible for its reckless spending.

Tell Congress End Wasteful Pentagon Spending Now 1200

It’s the same story every time. Every single year, the national defense budget climbs to new heights. And every year, Congress refuses to hold the Pentagon responsible for its reckless spending. 

A big part of the problem is loopholes like “unfunded priorities lists,” which enable military branches to add even more money to the defense budget without the due diligence of the normal budget process and debate. In recent years, budget hikes from unfunded priorities lists have amounted to billions of dollars.  

But sky-high spending is only half of it. Every year, the Pentagon fails its financial audits. In 2022, it could only account for less than half of its assets. A federal agency that receives such a huge amount of funding should be able to pass a comprehensive financial audit. 

Despite it all, Congress keeps on approving bloated defense budgets, avoiding the hard questions, and expecting to see a change. 

The Pentagon isn’t making responsible, results-driven spending decisions — it’s making wasteful choices that do little to make us safer but come at high costs to troops and taxpayers. That’s why POGO has been fighting tooth and nail for reforms that would make the Department of Defense more accountable to American taxpayers. 

The Pentagon shouldn’t be handed a blank check in the name of a “strong defense policy.” We need your help to end wasteful defense spending.