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Tell Congress: Investigate Widespread Misconduct by the Border Patrol

Add your name now to demand that Congress strengthen its oversight of the nation’s largest law enforcement agency.

Investigate Widespread Misconduct by the Border Patrol 1200

Beating and even killing immigrants in detention centers and children trying to enter the United States. Detaining U.S. citizens for nothing but speaking Spanish. Depriving children of safe conditions and medical care, sometimes with fatal results. Sexually harassing and sexually assaulting detainees and fellow officers. These are just a few examples of the widespread misconduct by some Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers and agents, whose disregard for the rule of law is rarely met with appropriate consequences.

Yet instead of fixing the problem and holding officers accountable for wrongdoing, top agency officials often go to great lengths to sweep misconduct under the rug. Even the Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general — who is supposed to root out abuse of power and corruption within the agency — appears to have helped cover up endemic misconduct at CBP.

Federal officials should not be above the law. Congress must act swiftly to address Border Patrol's culture of impunity.

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