Strengthening Checks and Balances

Tell Congress: Rein In DOJ’s Secretive Legal Office

For decades, the Office of Legal Counsel has made decisions that keep expanding executive power. Congress must step in to reform the secretive office. 

Rein in DO Js Secretive Legal Office 1200

Within the Department of Justice, there’s a secretive legal office that’s done a great deal to expand executive branch power. 

DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) has allowed the government to surveil its citizens without a warrant, claimed that sitting presidents cannot be indicted, and authorized the use of torture — all behind closed doors. Decisions of this magnitude should be made out in the open and with the input of Congress. 

It’s time to rein in the Office of Legal Counsel. Congress must act now to end the OLC’s decades-long streak of increasing the power of the presidency. 

Congress must reform the Office of Legal Counsel by requiring greater transparency and imposing safeguards that ensure the OLC isn’t just acting as a rubber stamp for the president. 

We need your help pushing Congress to put an end to the Office of Legal Counsel’s abuses.