Dan Grazier

Senior Defense Policy Fellow

Areas of Expertise

F-35, national security, Pentagon reform

Dan Grazier 1000

Mr. Grazier, a former Marine Corps captain, served tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan during the War on Terror. His various assignments in uniform included tours with 2nd Tank Battalion in Camp Lejeune, NC, and 1st Tank Battalion in Twentynine Palms, CA. Prior to his time in the Marine Corps he worked as a television journalist in Maryland and Missouri. He covered nearly every type of story imaginable, from breaking news to long-form investigative pieces.

He has written extensively and lectured on matters of military reform and Manœuvre Warfare. His work has appeared in the Marine Corps Gazette, Fires Bulletin, and Small Wars Journal. He makes an average of 100 appearances a year in a variety of media outlets discussing matters of military reform to include appearances on the Bill Press Show, Fox News, and in The Washington Times.

He is a 2000 graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, a 2012 graduate of the Marine Corps Expeditionary Warfare School, and 2019 graduate of Norwich University with a Master of Arts in Military History.  

POGO/CDI highlights:

  • Scrutinized an Air Force proposal to leave 108 F-35s in a non-combat capable configuration which would have wasted the $21 billion spent purchasing them. In response to POGO’s reporting, the Pentagon backed off on this plan.
  • Produces and hosts the Pentagon Labyrinth Podcast to discuss important issues within the defense community by interviewing key players.
  • Broke the news of the much-anticipated F-35/A-10 close air support fly-off test and exposed it as a fraud designed to skew the tests in favor the F-35.

Latest Work