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Whistleblower Resources

Deciding to blow the whistle on wrongdoing can be the single most important professional decision you ever have to make. 

Whistleblowing is risky and difficult. History shows it is usually best done while attempting to remain anonymous. 

The following resources are intended to help you make the most informed decisions when encountering difficult ethical situations in your workplace. 

Protect yourself. Do not use government, contractor, or grantee equipment or technology to access any of these resources.  
The information provided here is not legal advice. 

Survival Guide for Federal Government Whistleblowers 

In collaboration with the Government Accountability Project and Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, POGO created Caught Between Conscience and Career. This survival guide covers what federal sector employees should consider before potentially blowing the whistle. 

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Federal Employee Survival Guide 

This analysis breaks our survival guide down into key lessons on how to expose abuse and corruption in the federal government without sharing your identity.  

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Legal and Advocacy Resources 

POGO does not provide legal representation. We do, however, maintain a list of law firms with experience in these matters and other advocacy organizations that may be of help to you. 

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Share Documents and Tips 

Do you have a tip about systemic federal corruption, waste, fraud, or abuse? POGO may be able to investigate your allegations. 

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