Bad Watchdog Season 2 launches June 20.

Our Work

As part of our work to ensure the government works for everyone, we produce a variety of written products.


Our investigations expose waste, fraud, injustice, and abuse of power in the federal government. 

Reports and Analysis 

Our reports and analyses highlight ways the government isn’t best serving the people, and they recommend ways it can. 

Civic Engagements and Advocacy 

Our Civic Engagement program mobilizes members of the public to engage federal policymakers, advocating for solutions around problems of government corruption, waste, and abuse of power. 

Testimony and Public Comments 

We give policy recommendations through testimony and public comments informed by more than 40 years of experience as a nonpartisan, good government watchdog. 

Policy Letters and Fact Sheets 

Through policy letters and fact sheets, we provide policymakers with key information and recommendations for strengthening our democracy. 

Congressional Oversight Staff Resources 

Our Congressional Oversight Initiative enhances Congress’s ability to conduct effective oversight by providing congressional trainings and resources. 

Whistleblower Support 

We offer several resources for federal employees thinking about blowing the whistle.