Bad Watchdog Season 2 launches June 20.


As part of our mission to build a healthier democracy, we’re focused on five core issue areas. 


The American people deserve a government that we know is working for all of us, not just the powerful and well connected. We are fighting to create a government worthy of the people’s trust. 

Checks and Balances 

The three branches of government — executive, legislative, and judicial — are meant to be co-equal, each acting as a check on the others. This balance of power has been thrown off, but we are working to restore it. 

Civil and Human Rights 

Our laws do not do enough to protect people from law enforcement abuses. We’re working for reforms to prevent civil and human rights violations and to address abuses when they happen. 

Corruption and Abuse of Power 

Current anti-corruption laws and enforcement don’t do enough to punish or prevent corruption in our government. We’re working to prevent conflicts of interest, stop abuses of power before they start, and ensure no official is above the law. 

National Security 

Pentagon leaders are making national security decisions that aren’t in the best interests of the military or the American people. We’re pushing for a more effective national security strategy and budget.