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Joe Newman

Joe Newman

Director of Communications



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Andre Francisco

Online Producer



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Our letters and reports are frequently cited by Congress and the media. Here are links to some of our most-requested reports. If you need help finding a publication, please contact our communications staff.


POGO's experts can speak on a wide range of issues related to government oversight and accountability. Our experts are often called to testify before Congress. To arrange an interview, please contact our communications staff.

Photograph of Danielle Brian

Danielle Brian

Executive Director

Areas of expertise: National Security, Government Oversight, Wasteful Defense Spending, Ethics, Open Government, Whistleblower Issues

scott amey

Scott H. Amey, J.D.

General Counsel

Areas of expertise: Contract Oversight, Contractor Responsibility, the Revolving Door and Conflicts of Interest, Government Transparency

Photograph of Mandy Smithberger

Mandy Smithberger

Director, Straus Military Reform Project, CDI at POGO

Areas of expertise include National Security, Pentagon Reform

ned feder

Ned Feder, M.D.

Staff Scientist

Areas of expertise: Misconduct in the funding of biomedical research; misconduct by biomedical researchers

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POGO Executive Director Danielle Brian talking with Bill Moyers about how industry influence shapes laws and regulations.

How Money Rules Washington

POGO's General Counsel Scott Amey went on C-SPAN to discuss Edward Snowden and the rapid increase in private intelligence contractors.

The Rise of Intelligence Contractors

Ethan Rosenkranz will be joining POGO as a national security policy analyst.

Introducing Ethan Rosenkranz, POGO's Newest Staffer

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Latest Releases

POGO and GAP Support Allowing Contractor and Grantee Disclosures to Office of Special Counsel | POGO and GAP supports the Office of special Counsel proposed rule to allow current and former federal contractors to submit whistleblowing disclosures to challenge illegality, gross waste, gross mismanagement, abuse of authority, or a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety.

Voters Should Know Which Federal Contractors Are Trying to Influence Elections | Federal contracting should be based on a level playing field, but it is riddled with cozy relationships, backroom deals, and pay-to-play arrangements.

POGO's 2015 Baker’s Dozen of Suggested Congressional Oversight Priorities and Legislative Reforms | Implementing the following recommendations will help to the country achieve a more effective, accountable, open, and ethical government—one that is truly responsive to the needs of its citizens.

Latest on the Blog

The Few, The Proud, The Small Business Contractors | A new report by the Pentagon’s watchdog found that Marine Corps Base Quantico is not doing enough to ensure that small businesses are getting their fair share of federal contracts.

The Pentagon’s Wartime Slush Fund | It’s called the Overseas Contingency Operations Account, or OCO, and it’s the Pentagon’s warfighting fund. Or at least it’s supposed to be. Instead, it has become a slush fund for Pentagon programs that have no connection to our war efforts.

IRS Whistleblower Office: A Taxing Affair | No one likes a tax cheat, but questions remain about whether the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) Whistleblower Office is doing enough to incentivize and reward whistleblowers who report tax violations.