About POGO


While some groups are staffed with scientists or experts who focus on a single issue, POGO is an investigative organization with an expertise for working with sources inside the government and whistleblowers to document evidence of corruption, waste, fraud, or abuse. Many of our nation’s most dedicated citizens work in and around the federal government. When they come across information revealing serious misconduct, they rightfully believe that they would risk losing their job if they came forward and "blew the whistle" on the wrongdoing they see. According to government surveys, one out of every 14 federal employees reported being retaliated against in a two-year period for making disclosures concerning health and safety dangers; unlawful behavior; and/or fraud, waste, and abuse.

POGO's investigators and journalists take leads and information from insiders and verify the information through investigations using the Freedom Of Information Act, interviews, and other fact-finding strategies. We then report on our findings to the media, Congress, and public interest groups through alerts, statements, and studies. At the same time, we protect the identity of our insider partners the way that reporters in the mainstream media do, ensuring that they are not punished for their patriotism.

How POGO Works

How POGO Chooses Its Projects

The following are the guidelines by which POGO determines which projects we pursue. They do not present rigid criteria, but provide us with a consistent way to evaluate our priorities.