Send Us a Tip

Do you want to send a tip to the researchers and investigators at the Project On Government Oversight?  

As a watchdog organization, POGO has a long history of working with brave individuals fighting to report federal wrongdoing, going back to 1981. Many of those with whom POGO has worked opted to remain anonymous.  

If you share a tip with our research and investigations team, POGO may be able to further research your concerns, bring public attention to any wrongdoing, and alert those who can bring about change. Please note that while we do read and evaluate all tips we receive, we cannot investigate or respond to every tip.  

How does POGO choose to investigate tips? We evaluate tips based on the following criteria: 

  • Opening for positive systemic change in the federal government  
  • Capacity for POGO to make a unique contribution  
  • Ability to broaden public awareness  
  • Urgency for action  
  • Availability of inside sources or documents 

If you have a tip to share with us, please use the questions below to determine whether POGO is the right organization to work with. 

Send Us a Tip