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We must close the loophole that allows law enforcement to buy our personal data without a warrant.

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Weekly Spotlight

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POGO’s take on the latest happenings in the news. Weekly Spotlight is a roundup of our latest investigations, analyses, and petitions.

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Get updates about POGO’s mission, our work, our organization, and ways to join our community of watchdogs and be a part of the work right now.

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The Bridge

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The inner workings of our government can seem hard to follow. That’s why POGO created The Bridge: It offers a way into oversight, one topic — and one easy-to-read newsletter — at a time.

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The Bunker

Sent Wednesdays

Both pro-troop and pro-taxpayer, The Bunker offers military intelligence for the rest of us. POGO’s Mark Thompson breaks down what you need to know about all things Department of Defense.

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The Paper Trail

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Easy to click and easy to follow, The Paper Trail is a curated collection of the government news you need to know.

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Defense Monitor

Delivered quarterly via U.S. postal mail

The Center for Defense Information team shares insights into investigations, analyses, strategy, and other exclusive content.

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