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Screenshot of the POGO Newsletter - Jan-March 2016

January - March 2016, Volume 20, Issue 1

>New FDA Head Led Flawed Clincial Trial

>Pentagon's 2017 Budget is Mardi Gras for Defense Contractors

>Meet the New Comms Director

>Are Taxpayers Getting Fleeced by Companies Drilling and Mining on Public Lands?

>Former Congressman: Not Cutting MOX is My "Biggest Regret"

Screenshot of POGO Newsletter July-Oct 2015

July - October 2015, Volume 19, Issue 2

>POGO Continues Work to Improve Department of Veterans Affairs

>Calls for SEC Chair's Replacement Grow Louder in DC

>Inspectors General: Understaffed, Underutilized, and Underappreciated

>More Reports Question F-35 Combat Capability

Screenshot of January to June 2015 Newsletter front page.

January - June 2015, Volume 19, Issue 1

>POGO's Roadmap for the 114th Congress: A "Baker's Dozen" of Suggested Reforms
>Foregin Lobbying Needs Stronger Oversight
>Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Fired Air Marshal
>POGO Hires New Straus Military Reform Director
>POGO Expands Analysis and Policy Capabilities
>POGO Expands its Congressional Oversight Work

Screenshot of the POGO Newsletter - July to September 2014

July - September 2014, Volume 18, Issue 2

>Whistleblower Gets His Day in Court--The Supreme Court
>Former DoD Research Chief Violates Ethics Rule, Won't Face Punishment
>POGO Demands Independent Study to Confirm Mission for Uranium Processing Facility
>POGO Speaks at National Government Ethics Summit
>Hill Encourages DoD IG to Protect Contractor Whistleblowers
>Whistleblowers Silenced

Screenshot of the POGO Newsletter - January 2014

January - June 2014, Volume 18, Issue 1

>POGO Launches Investigation into the Department of Veterans Affairs
>SEC Insider Echoes POGO's Concerns About Tepid Approach to Enforcement
>POGO Wins Journalism Prizes
>DoD IG Narrowing Whistleblower Protections
>U.S. Joins Extractives Transparency Initiatives
>Prosecutorial Misconduct in the Department of Justice
>The Contamination of Camp LeJeune

Screenshot of POGO Newsletter 2013, Vol. 17, Issue 3

November 2013, Volume 17, Issue 3

>Checks and Balances Needed for NSA Survellance Programs
>Serious Flaws in Security Screening Processes
>The Uranium Processing Facility--Just Stop Digging
>POGO Welcomes Two New Additions
>POGO Supports Closure of Revolving Door Loophole
>Littoral Combat Ship: Is the Pentagon Finally Changing Course?

June 2013 Newsletter cover

June 2013, Volume 17, Issue 2

>Fraying Protections for National Security Whistleblowers
>Letter from the Executive Director
>Double Standard
>Sexual Assault and The Invisible War
>Regulators Hinder Oversight of Fannie Mae, Foreclosure Abuses
>POGO Obtains Previously Suppressed Report on Panetta Leak

Cover thumbnail of the 2013 January - March Newsletter Cover

March 2013, Volume 17, Issue 1

>POGO Examines Revolving Door at SEC
>Letter from the Executive Director
>POGO's Keith Rutter Awarded the Phyllis McCarthy Public Interest Award
>SEC Revolving Door
>MOX Fuel Facility Budget Slashed
>Lawmakers Sound Alarm on Obama's NDAA Signing Statement
>State Department Still Without a Permanent Inspector General
>Danger Zone: The U.S. Embassy in Kabul

December 2012 Newsletter Cover

Dec. 2012, Volume 16, Issue 4

>Whistleblower Protection Passes
>Letter from the Executive Director
>Human Trafficking Policies Improved, but More Work Needed
>One Year Later: Assessing Progress on Open Government National Action Plan
>Walking the Tightrope: Plugging Leaks vs. Whistleblower Protection

September 2012 Newsletter Cover

October 2012, Volume 16, Issue 3

>Health Care Bill for Camp Lejeune Water Contamination >Victims Signed Into Law
>Letter from the Executive Director
>Defense Contractor Time Machine: Less Spending, More Jobs...
>Government Alumni Take a Spin through JPMorgan's Revolving Door
>Y-12 Break-In Raises Concerns about Nuclear Security
>Defense Industry Revolving Door

July 2012 Newsletter Cover

July 2012, Volume 16, Issue 2

>The Center For Defense Information Joins POGO
>Letter from the Executive Director
>Reining In Service Contractors
>Some IG Vacancies Filled
>POGO Works to Stop Navy from Throwing Taxpayer Dollars at Leaky Ship
>Internal Report Detail Gross Mishandling of Military >Whistleblower Reprisal Cases
>Meet POGO's New Staffers
>POGO Alerts Obama About Secrecy in Government Rulemaking

March 2012 Newsletter cover

March 2012, Volume 16, Issue 1

POGO's New Un-Do Influence Campaign
Letter from the Executive Director
Pentagon Review Criticizes F-35 Acquisition Plan
Un-needed Los Alamos Nuclear Lab Building Will Cost Billions
Department of Energy Scientific Integrity Rules Need Strengthening
Is the FDA Blind to Conflicts of Interest?
Cover-Up of Contamination Continues at Camp Lejeune
POGO Tracks IG Vacancies

December 2011 Newsletter Cover

Dec. 2011, Volume 15, Issue 2

Common-Sense Cuts to National Security Budget
Letter from the Executive Director
POGO Testifies on Star Creep: The Increase of Generals & Admirals in U.S. Military
NIH Requires Its Grantees to Come Clean
POGO Updates Federal Contractor Misconduct Database
POGO's First Beth Daley Impact Fun Fellow
Major Defense Contractors Overcharge Taxpayers for Spare Parts-Yes, Again
For the State Department, Lack of Action Speaks Louder than Words

August 2011 Newsletter Cover

August 2011, Volume 15, Issue1

Whistleblower Protection Passes
Letter from the Executive Director
Human Trafficking Policies Improved, but More Work Needed
One Year Later: Assessing Progress on Open Government National Action Plan
Walking the Tightrope: Plugging Leaks vs. Whistleblower Protection

October 2010 Newsletter Cover

October 2010, Volume 14, Issue 2

Oil Spill Demonstrates Need for Effective Oversight
Letter from the Executive Director
POGO Testifies on Use of Private Security Contractors in Combat Zones
POGO Announces Two New Investigators
Congressional Transparency Caucus Shines
POGO Continues Hill Oversight Training & Recognizes Oversight Leaders in Congress
A Tribute to Beth Daley

June 2010 Newsletter Cover

June 2010, Volume 14, Issue 1

Decrease Wasteful Spending and Increase Good Government
Letter from the Executive Director
FAPIIS, FOIA, FCMD, and a Little Bit of GSA
A Step Towards A More Open Government
DCAA has Implemented "Reforms," but has It Changed?
Too Much Privatization in Government? A New POGO Report
POGO Warns Congress about Financial Self-Regulators