More Defense Dollars Don't Guarantee a Better Military

The truth about military spending.

photograph of soldier's crossing with rifles

Everyone agrees that federal spending is out of control, yet there’s little appetite to go after bloated Pentagon budgets. Americans from the left, right, and center all too often give the military a pass because they grudgingly believe current levels of defense spending are necessary for national security.

But is there such a thing as too much defense spending? Is it possible that, counterintuitively, more defense dollars could make us less safe?

Yes. The fact is, that is exactly what’s happening. There are tens of billions of defense dollars being wasted every year. That’s not just bad for our checkbook. It’s bad for our military effectiveness.

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Civilian photograph of Lt. Col. Daniel  L. Davis (U.S. Army, ret.)

By: Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis (U.S. Army, ret.), U.S. Army, retired

Daniel L. Davis retired from the US Army as a Lt. Col. after 21 years of active service. He was deployed into combat zones four times in his career, beginning with Operation Desert Storm in 1991, and then to Iraq in 2009 and Afghanistan twice (2005, 2011). He was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for Valor at the Battle of 73 Easting in 1991, and awarded a Bronze Star Medal in Afghanistan in 2011. Lt. Col. Davis is a member of the Center for Defense Information's advisory board.

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