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Tim Stretton

Director of the Congressional Oversight Initiative

Areas of Expertise

Federal reserve, financial services, public lands, oil and gas royalties

Tim is the director of the Congressional Oversight Initiative at POGO, helping to train congressional staff on how to conduct better oversight and investigations. He joined POGO in 2019, having worked on POGO’s policy team developing reform recommendations on various issues ranging from financial services and appropriations to public lands and the Food and Drug Administration. Tim has testified several times before Congress on improving oversight and transparency of the nation's oil and gas royalty system as well as improving congressional oversight capacity.  

Tim is an expert on financial services, public lands, and oil and gas royalty payments, and has been quoted in Politico, Business Insider, Roll Call, Government Executive, NPR, NBC News, and various other media outlets.

Before coming to POGO, Tim worked for six years for U.S. Senator Susan Collins and the Senate Aging Committee. While in the Senate, Tim worked on policy issues that included telecommunications, postal, financial services, government oversight and reform, federal employees, elder justice, and consumer protection. Tim helped develop several pieces of legislation that became law to prevent seniors from becoming victims of fraud and financial exploitation and to better protect taxpayers from falling victim to tax identity theft. A direct referral Tim made from the Committee’s Fraud Hotline led to the arrest of 15 criminals accused of posing as government agents and defrauding more than 8,000 victims out of $9 million. He also helped lead a bipartisan investigation into prescription drug pricing.

Tim is passionate about international affairs and has spoken before the United Nations on human rights violations. Tim earned his M.A. in Diplomacy at Norwich University. He earned his B.A. in Political Science from the University of Southern Maine, where his thesis on the cohesion of EU foreign policy was selected for publication by the European Union Center of California at Scripps College, one of the most prestigious centers of EU studies in the United States.

Latest Work