Defense Monitor

Defense Monitor Jan-Mar 2018 310

Dodging the Formal Acquisition Process
January - March 2018

+ More Nukes = More Chances for Mistakes
+ Expanded Nuclear Plan: Excessive, Expensive, and Influenced by Industry
+ Pentagon Waived Requirement to Repay Taxpayers $16 Billion to Advance Foreign Military Sales

Defense Monitor Oct-Dec 2017

$21 Billion Worth of F-35 Concurrency Orphans?
October - December 2017

+ Watchdog Finds Majority of Pentagon Whistleblowers out of Luck
+ Watching the Defense Department's Waste Line
+ Manafort Indictment Demonstrates How Foreign Lobbying Laws Fall Short

Defense Monitor Aug - Sept 2017

The Military's Technology Leadership Problem
August - September 2017

+ Generally Concerning
+ Afghanistan, Sunny-Side Up
+ The Light Attack Trickery?
+ Nuclear Modernization Under Obama and Trump: Costly, Mismanaged, Unnecessary

Screenshot of Defense Monitor June July 2017 issues

How Not To Build A Ship - The USS Ford
June - July 2017

+ The Pentagon's Silver-Bullet Hype Machine
+ Littoral Combat Ship Combat Games
+ Congress is Afraid to be Responsible for Our Current Wars
+ Why We Need Foreign Lobbying Reform Now

Screenshot of the Defense Monitor Jan-May 2017 cover

F-35 Continues to Stumble
January - May 2017

+ We Need to Audit the Pentagon
+ What I've Learned Covering the Military for 40 Years
+ Scathing Contractor Evaluation Should End the MOX Project
+ Sleepwalking Into a Nuclear Arms Race with Russia

Thumbnail of the Defense Monitor - October - December 2016

President Trump, Don't Forget to Nominate a Tough Operational Testing Director
October -December 2016

+ Admiral La Rocque Leaves Legacy of Challenging the Military-Industrial Complex
+ Overhaul of Littoral Combat Ship Program Likely to Increase Risk and Cost
+ Defense Policy Bill Includes Notable Victories

Screenshot of the cover of the Defense Monitor Newsletter - July - September 2016

F-35 May Never Be Ready For Combat
July-September 2016

+F-35 May Never Be Ready For Combat: Testing Report Contradicts Leadership's Rosy Pronouncements
+ Inspector General Finds Army Unable to Account for Trillions in Taxpayer Dollars
+ Senators Vote to Keep Bomber Price Secret
+ Nukes in Turkey Raise Concerns About Weapons Throughout Europe
+ Pentagon Admits: Half of War Spending Account Is Slush

Screenshot of the cover of the Defense Monitor Newsletter - April - June 2016

The Pentagon's War on Accountability
April-June 2016

+Yet More F-35 Floundering
+A-10's Air Force Father
+Chuck Myers, "Fighter Mafia" Veteran

Screenshot of the Defense Monitor Jan. - March 2016

The Truth About Military Spending
January-March 2016

+Pilots Cleared in V-22 Crash
+Pentagon's 2017 Budget Was Mardi Gras for Defense Contractors
+The F-35: Still Failing to Impress
+Pentagon's "Force of the Future" Report A Near Miss

Defense Monitor Thumbnail for October - December 2015

Announcing the CDI Military Advisory Board
October-December 2015

+ A Note About the Military Advisory Board from Former CDI President Admiral Gene LaRocque
+ Treatment of War Hero Reveals Broken Military Whistleblower Protection System
+ Pentagon Testing Office Calls Foul on F-35B "Operational Test"
+ Air Force Campaign Against the A-10 Takes Readiness Hostage
+ The JLENS: A Soaring Beacon for Military Reform

Defense Monitor Thumbnail for July - September 2015

Personnel Reform and Military Effectiveness
July-September 2015

+Protecting Whistleblowers for a More Effective Military
+Congressional Watchdog Confirms Weapon-Testing Benefits
+Leaked F-35 Report Confirms Serious Air Combat Deficiencies
+F-35 Will Fly Off Against A-10

Cover image of the Defense Monitor April-June 2015

Is the Pentagon Crying Wolf over Its Budget?
April-June 2015

+Dan Grazier: Jack Shanahan Fellow
+Budget Gimmicks
+Close Air Support and Maj. General Post
+ Air Force "Treason" Debacle Reveals Deeper Problems
+Member of Fighter Mafia Passes

Thumbnail picture of the Defense Monitor - February-March 2015


Developing, Buying, and Fielding Superior Weapon Systems
February-March 2015

+As the Irressible Wheeler Retires, Smithberger Takes the Helm
+Not Ready For Prime Time; F-35 Is Not Ready for Combat
+Air Force Headquarters Continues Campaign Against the A-10

Thumbnail picture of the Defense Monitor - January 2015


America's Bloated and Unsecure Nuclear Weapons Complex and How to Fix It
January 2015

+Saving the Warthog to Save Troop Lives
+It's Time to Sink the Littoral Combat Ship

Defense Monitor Newsletter Cover July - September thumbnail 2014

Independent Weapons Testing: Under Fire Again
July - September 2014

+Up or Out; How a Promotion System is Undermining America's Air Power
+ A Ray of Light from Senator Durbin's Defense SubcommitteeL Will It Brighten or Fade?
+Time to Rein in the Pentagon's Mysterious Slush Fund

Defense Monitor April - June 2014 thumbnail

The Contamination of Camp LeJeune
April - June 2014

+An Inadequate Defense Budget? Compared to Whom? Compared to When?
+New F-35 Claim: Lower O&S Estimate More than Offsets Higher Acquisition Cost
+The Fight to Save the A-10 Warthog
+More than F-16 Bolts: A Problematic Ruse on Export Reform

thumbnail of 2014 January thru March Defense Monitor

America's $1 Trillion National Security Budget
January - March 2014

+More Guns, Fewer Generals
+Brilliant, Acutely Informed Air Combat Power Advocate Passes Away
+Afghanistan Reconstruction Watchdog Faces Dwindling Access, Uncooperative Pentagon

Cover of the 2013 November thru December edition of the Defense Monitor

Budget Deal Blows the Pentagon's Diet
November - December 2013

+Straus Project and POGO Sponsor Briefings on the A-10 "Warthog"
+Take Her Deep: Reforming the U.S. Silent Service

Cover of the 2013 July thru October edition of the Defense Monitor

Purge the Generals; What it will take to fix the Army
July - October 2013

+Air Force Tries to Kill the A-10, Again
+The Littoral Combat Ship; Is the Pentagon Finally Changing Course?
+The Uranium Processing Facility; Just Stop Digging

Cover of the Defense Monitor: The New Era of Good F-35 Feelings

The New Era of Good F-35 Feelings
April - June 2013

+The Pentagon's F-35 Pricing Dodges
+The Deadly Empirical Data
+Where Do We Go From Here?
+On Final Approach; A Summary and Recommendations
+The Pentagon's Newfound Interest in Slimming Down
+Update: Mismanagement of New Nuclear Facility Will Cost Hundreds of Millions More

This is the cover of the Defense Monitor from January - March 2013

If More Money Buys a Smaller Fleet; What Will Less Money Buy?
January - March 2013

+More than the Navy's Numbers Could be Sinking
+Is the Fleet Steaming Forward... or Backward?
+Pentagon Pork; Too Easy to Push Through Congress
+Penny Wise, Pound Foolish; The Pentagon's Response to Sequestration
+Mox on the Chopping Block

This image is of the cover of the Defense Monitor from November - December 2012.

Fundamentals for an Austere Pentagon Are Escaping Washington's Gaze
November - December, 2012

+The Fight over the Peace Dividend
+The Myth of American Superiority
+Reeling in Excessive Contractor Compensation
+Inspector General Report Warning: Budget Overruns in Nuke Refurbishment
+Star Creeps; Petraeus and the Price of the Top-Heavy Pentagon

Cover image of the August - October 2012 Defense Monitor

Defense Budget Sequester
August - October 2012

+Less Spending, More Jobs
+How the F-35 Nearly Doubled In Price (And Why You Didn't Know)
+What Congress Isn't; A Revealing, If Painful, F-35 Experience in Canada
+F-22 Safety Problems; Air Force Still Not Opening Up
+Off Course; Did Navy Underplay Steering Problem Before Awarding Ship Contract?
+Eight Reasons to Scrap the Nuclear Weapons Complex $6-Billion Boondoggle