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There are a lot of different ways you can express your opinion about government.
We want to maximize your voice and influence public policy in a way that makes government more open, effective, and accountable. Your time is precious to us, which is why we will never ask you to take action unless we believe it can have real, meaningful impact.

James Comey

We Demand an Impartial Investigation into Foreign Interference

The American people deserve an impartial investigation into a foreign power’s attempts to influence our Presidential election. Removing James Comey as FBI Director has cast doubt on the independence of the FBI's investigation going forward.

Congress has the ability to form a committee that meets all these requirements, but they need a push from you.


Four ways you can make a big difference in government.

Know who represents you
Know Who Represents You

Become familiar with who your representatives are — both local and in DC — and how they vote on legislation. Most importantly, get comfortable with contacting them: Consider attending Town Hall meetings or storing their numbers in your phone for quick, easy access.

Sign up for email alerts
Sign Up for Email Alerts

When there’s a threat to good government, POGO sends email alerts calling on our supporters to take immediate action to contact their representatives. Be one of the first to know by signing up:

Write your local paper
Write Your Local Paper

It takes only a few minutes, but a well-written Letter to the Editor in your local paper can capture the attention of thousands of people, including Members of Congress (whose staffers pay close attention to mentions in papers in their districts!)

Fight misinformation
Fight Misinformation Block

Become a savvy news consumer by getting your information from reputable sources whose reporting is rooted in facts. News is increasingly skewed to political or partisan agendas — explore news outlets from a variety of perspectives to get both sides of an issue.