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Dr. Jeanine Abrams McLean

Board Member

Dr. Jeanine Abrams McLean is the president at Fair Count, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, founded by Stacey Abrams. The goals of Fair Count are to ensure that every person in Georgia and the nation is seen, heard, and counted for a fair and accurate census and to build pathways to continued civic participation, including voter education and redistricting. 

Jeanine is a highly skilled researcher with over 15 years of experience designing, managing, and implementing population-based studies and projects. While at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, she applied her expertise in computational biology and population research to advance public health initiatives. She has extensive project management experience as well as work in community organizing. In addition to her work in public health, she is passionate about finding creative ways to tackle community-based issues using both strategic planning and innovative ideas.