New Investigation:

How Lax EPA Oversight Enabled Jackson's Water Crisis.

Julienne McClure

Research Associate


Julienne McClure joined POGO in January 2022 as a research fellow and accepted the full-time position as a research associate in January 2023. As a part of the research and investigations team, Julienne works across teams to help expose waste, corruption, and abuse of power involving the federal government.

Before joining POGO, Julienne worked as a research assistant at Diamond6 where she compiled reports about geopolitical events in Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East in order to prepare the organization’s leadership for diplomatic meetings.

In May 2021, Julienne earned a B.A. in international studies and Spanish with a concentration in security studies from Dickinson College. While at Dickinson College, she studied abroad at the University of Málaga and interned as an English teacher at a Málaga migration nonprofit.

Latest Work