New Podcast: Too Big to Debar? Contractors and the Government's Enforcement of Anti-Bribery Laws

Is the government too reluctant to crack down on contractors that bribe foreign officials? A recent law review article by Professor Drury Stevenson and Nicholas Wagoner, both of the South Texas College of Law, suggests that when it comes to enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the biggest government contractors might just be too big to debar.

As we noted in our April coverage of the law review article, government enforcement agencies "have yet to impose a company-wide suspension or debarment on a contractor that violates the FCPA. Instead, the government continues to award them (or reward them?) billions of dollars in contracts, thus nullifying the deterrent effect of the FCPA."

For this POGO podcast, POGO staffers got on the horn with the article's authors to find out how this light approach to enforcement ultimately harms taxpayer interests.

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