Review of the Quality of Army Leadership with Recommendations

Photograph of Lt. Col. Danny Davis
Lt. Col. Daniel Davis

There is a devastating review of the quality of Army leadership at the new issue of Armed Forces Journal. At, it is an article by Army Lt. Col. Daniel Davis ("Purge the Generals"), and it merits the attention of anyone following military affairs, I believe. If you think Army leadership is an island of competence and ethics in the miasma of Washington politics, I urge you to read LtC Davis' up close and personal assessment. Note his important and dramatic recommendations.

Moreover, if you think these problems are unique to the Army and do not pertain, for example, the the Marine Corps, follow the link to read more.

LtC Davis' article is at the Armed Forces Journal website, and it starts as follows:

The U.S. Army's generals, as a group, have lost the ability to effectively function at the high level required of those upon whom we place the responsibility for safeguarding our nation. Over the past 20 years, our senior leaders have amassed a record of failure in major organizational, acquisition and strategic efforts. These failures have been accompanied by the hallmarks of an organization unable and unwilling to fix itself: aggressive resistance to the reporting of problems, suppression of failed test results, public declarations of success where none was justified, and the absence of accountability.