Holding the Government Accountable

Whatever You Do, Don't Read This Book

I recently finish reading my friend and colleague Mike Lofgren's book, "The Party Is Over: How Republicans Went Crazy.."

The Democrats like to talk about this book because it will confirm what they want you to believe about the Republicans. But the Democrats also hope you will take their word for what's in the book and not read it. It contains an important chapter about their own party being just as sold out to the Banksters and Big Money as the Republicans--but also so feckless as to comprise, as Lofgren describes them, just half a political party. Your reading the book would be bad news for the Democrats.

The Republicans are happy the Democrats are making noise about this book; that way they can claim it is just a left wing screed. The Republicans especially don't want you to read any bio of Lofgren (find the book here) because that will explain that Lofgren is no lefty, and if you understand that, you might get interested to read what this conservative voice of conscience has to say. That would be bad news for the Republicans.

In short, no one who has standing in America's current political system wants you to read this book.

That, of course, is why you should read this book.

It also will explain to you why the pundits who bask themselves in their own opinion on TV, the print media, and-in Maryland-with Robo calls are as useless as Anna Nicole Smith in a spelling bee to explain to you how our political system became so dysfunctional and why it refuses to change itself.

And, it-our current political system-will indeed refuse to change itself unless and until its lifeblood-money-is cut off. Lofgren suggests one way that can be done. The Democrats and Republicans will howl how un-American Lofgren's proposal is. Indeed, if the way our national politics are running today is American, Lofgren is indeed very un-American.

Be Un-American: Read this book. It will help us all become Americans again.