Protecting Civil and Human Rights

Whistleblowers Can Protect the Integrity of Our Elections

State Election Officials Can Securely Report Wrongdoing to POGO
(Illustration: Leslie Garvey / POGO)

Free and fair elections, a principle held up by the United States for emerging democracies coming on the world stage, is one our own country still struggles to implement. Centuries of progress toward the realization that every citizen should be able to cast a ballot for their leaders in Washington is at jeopardy in this election.

While there have long been impediments to many Americans’ right to vote, overt actions and messages by President Donald Trump and his administration apparently aimed at undermining the election results have heightened concerns about fairness and voter suppression this election cycle. The president hesitated to commit publicly to a peaceful transfer of power if he lost the election and outright called the elections process corrupt before it has even concluded. The president has even publicly said that part of his reason for pushing the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill the vacant Supreme Court seat now is because he may need her to settle any disputes over mail-in ballots.

Because of the president’s rhetoric, the potential for politicization of the election process is at a high point. Our state and local election officials might be the last line of defense against this abuse of power. That’s why we are reaching out to them to make them aware that if they see politization or illegal activity happening we’re here to help them tell their story and protect their identity.

This election is dramatically testing out democracy. It doesn’t matter which political party you belong to—we have to ensure that the process is free of abuse and politization. If you’ve witnessed wrongdoing, report it to POGO.