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Following the Money 101: Reporting Requirements of the CARES Act

This session, part of the Congressional Training Program’s partnership with the Oversight Summit’s virtual briefing series, provides a congressionally focused overview of CARES Act reporting requirements and how to find and use data we already have about how these programs are working.

Building up to our in-person conference next spring, POGO and other good government partners will be hosting ongoing virtual events over the coming months to engage the oversight community, both practitioners and non-practitioners alike.

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Aug 13, 2020 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM


  • Liz Hempowicz, POGO Director of Public Policy, is an expert on whistleblower protections, conflicts of interest, ethics, FOIA, separation of powers, and the National Emergencies Act. She has participated in efforts to improve the Inspector General Act, the National Emergencies Act, lobbying and congressional ethics rules, whistleblower protections, the Freedom of Information Act, and other government accountability initiatives.
  • Sean Moulton, POGO Senior Policy Analyst, is an expert on government spending data and is compiling a comprehensive data set of where all the various federal coronavirus relief funds are going. Before joining POGO, Sean worked for over a decade on transparency and government accountability issues, with special attention to freedom of information issues, spending transparency, and environmental right-to-know policies.

The session was moderated by Justin Rood, director of POGO's Congressional Oversight Initiative.

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