Are the F-22's Problems Fixed?

I have spoken to several people who have been closely following the problem of the F-22's extremely serious physiological impact on its own pilots and ground crew. Not one of these people found Major General Charles Lyon's performance last week in a DOD briefing convincing. If anything the general's assertion that the problems can all be traced to a valve for a pressure vest previously worn by F-22 pilots has provoked profound skepticism.

Pierre Sprey and I recently participated in a blog posted yesterday at POGO on this matter. Pierre addressed some of the F-22 performance, equipment and physiological issues in General Lyon's comments; I addressed the transparency, completeness and reliability of the Air Force's reporting thus far. While we both only addressed what we perceive as the tip of the iceberg, we were very unimpressed, to say the least.

Find our comments at the POGO website here.