Bad Watchdog Returns

The award-winning podcast returns in June. Here’s what you may have missed in Season 1.

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Bad Watchdog Returns

Bad Watchdog Podcast Graphic

ICYMI, our investigative podcast Bad Watchdog won a silver medal for Investigative Journalism Podcasting at the New York Festivals Radio Awards last week — no small feat, given the podcasting powerhouses we were up against. The big win marks the perfect time to announce the good news that Bad Watchdog is back for Season 2 this June. This time around, our podcast team will be digging into the Department of Homeland Security’s treatment of migrants in detention and exploring the threat posed by far-right extremists.

Before the launch of Season 2, catch up on what you missed in the first season if you haven’t had the chance to listen yet. (Or get a refresher, if you have!)

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In Season 1 of Bad Watchdog, POGO Investigative Producer Maren Machles shares a cautionary tale about what happens when the people responsible for holding our government accountable look the other way. DHS Inspector General Joseph V. Cuffari is one of those people, and — despite myriad demonstrations of misconduct over the years, many of which my POGO colleagues helped uncover — he still holds his position of power.

Inspectors general are invaluable allies to the public, but only if they carry out their role ethically and with integrity. There are tangible consequences when those considerations take a back seat. This cautionary tale gives us all good reason to demand reforms for more effective oversight of our government — including of the inspectors general we trust to keep watch over everyone else.

Find Bad Watchdog on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you stream your podcasts. And stay tuned for more announcements about the launch of Season 2.

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