Weekly Spotlight: A refreshing change

This week: Announcing a new look for POGO.

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Editor’s Note: On Monday, October 9, we will be honoring Indigenous People’s Day and celebrating Indigenous history and culture. Happy Indigenous People’s Day! 

An exciting announcement: After a year-long redesign, we’re excited to launch the new website. 

We revamped the website to make it clearer to our supporters how we approach our work and to explain our top priorities when it comes to creating a more accountable and effective democracy. The new features include a home 
page that tells the story of what we do and why, breakdowns of the five core issue areas, an impact page that notes our recent wins, and a comprehensive archive of our newsletters — including this one — so you have complete access to the breadth of our work. 

Check out our refreshed look. 


The Bunker: 3-D disasters

This week in The Bunker: Pentagon snafus in three warfare domains — up in the sky, down on the ground, and out at sea — reveal how to not buy weapons; and more.

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“We had a number of states [in the last census] with undercounts, over counts, and those states need to play a bigger role in encouraging their citizens to participate.”

Sean Moulton, Senior Policy Analyst, on Federal News Network



“The Pentagon’s own defense budget is hardly a disciplined exercise in smart spending, but at least it has a top-down logic to it that’s often lost when Congress begins larding it with its pet projects.”

Mark Thompson, National Security Analyst, in Roll Call