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How Lax EPA Oversight Enabled Jackson's Water Crisis.


Weekly Spotlight: Native American Heritage Month

Honoring tribal nations and Indigenous communities 

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Editor’s Note: There will be no Weekly Spotlight November 11 due to the Veteran's Day holiday. Weekly Spotlight will return November 18.

November 1 marked the beginning of Native American Heritage Month. We’re taking this time to celebrate and honor the history and heritage of tribal nations and Indigenous communities across the land.

This country has a long, shameful history of violence toward, and oppression of, Indigenous people. And still today, the federal government continues to fail in its legal obligation to protect the rights and well-being of Indigenous people in many ways — including failing to investigate the deaths of Indigenous people in federal custody, an issue we published an investigation about earlier this year.

We cannot talk about the future of our democracy without acknowledging and accounting for the history of our country and what was done in its name. We at POGO believe in a more accountable and effective federal government that truly serves and protects the well-being of all people.


F-35 and A-10 Close Air Support Flyoff Report

POGO obtained a copy of the A-10 and F-35 flyoff testing report and, unsurprisingly, the F-35 did not come out as the clear winner.

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What exactly is Zelensky’s ‘Forum of Defense Industries’?

We can’t trust US contractors to carry the torch into what appears to be the next chapter of our support for Ukraine: industrial collaboration.

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“An office without enforcement authority is toothless, because at most it can only make recommendations to the agency.”

Joe Spielberger, Policy Counsel, in Government Executive



“If we learned anything from the Cold War, it should have been that simply possessing more nuclear weapons ... did not make us any safer.”

Geoff Wilson, Director of the Center for Defense Information, in Santa Fe New Mexican