Pierre Sprey and the Birth of the A-10, Part II

Jan 31, 2018

The A-10 has proven itself to be one of the most venerable and capable aircraft in the U.S. arsenal. It is also an aircraft most people in the Air Force never wanted, and they have spent years actively working to send it to the scrap yard. It is the first aircraft ever designed from the very beginning to be solely dedicated to supporting ground troops. Generations of American soldiers and Marines have come to love the jet for its unique abilities to free them from jams and help accomplish the mission. The A-10 achieved this status through a set of fortuitous events and through the efforts of a few brave and dedicated individuals who dedicated themselves to making sure the men and women fighting on the ground would receive the support they needed from the air. Pierre Sprey, one of Robert McNamara’s “whiz kids,” played a key role in the creation of the A-10, and recounts the second part of this incredible story.