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POGO Joins Broad Coalition Urging House to Repeal Iraq War Authorization

U.S. Soldiers from Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 111th Infantry, 56th Stryker Brigade Combat Team prepare rounds while anticipating the start of the live-fire iteration of the Combined Arms Live Fire Exercise during Exercise Decisive Strike 2019 at the Training Support Centre, Krivolak, North Macedonia, June 11, 2019. (Photo: U.S. Army / Pfc. Ashunteia’ Smith)

Dear Members of Congress,

It is now more clear than ever that, until it is repealed, the 2002 Authorization for the Use of Military Force against Iraq can and will be abused to justify unforeseen and unauthorized military action. We thus write to request your support for repealing the 2002 Iraq AUMF.

Congress passed the 2002 Iraq AUMF to authorize force against Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi regime, a mission that officially ended on December 11, 2011. The 2002 Iraq AUMF does not authorize current U.S. operations in Iraq.

Repealing the Iraq war authorization would be an important step in reasserting Congress’ constitutional duty to determine whether, where, and when the United States chooses to go to war. It would remove an outdated use of force authorization that is not required for any ongoing operations, while protecting against its abuse by this or any future president to justify unforeseen and unauthorized new wars.

Indeed, we have seen the Iraq war authorization continue to be repurposed by successive presidents for unrelated military activities. Leaving it in place would ensure that it remains susceptible to misuse by this or a future president, paving the way for the Executive Branch to draw the United States into further wars that were not even contemplated, let alone authorized by Congress 18 years ago. This authorization must be repealed, and not replaced.

We strongly urge you to vote in favor to repeal the 2002 Iraq AUMF.


Action Corps
Alliance of Baptists
American Civil Liberties Union
American Friends Service Committee
Bring Our Troops Home
Center on Conscience & War
Center for Constitutional Rights
Common Defense
Concerned Veterans for America
Conference of Major Superiors of Men
Council for a Livable World
Council on American-Islamic Relations
Defending Rights & Dissent
Defense Priorities Initiative
Demand Progress
Disciples Center for Public Witness
Friends Committee on National Legislation
Global Ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the United Church of Christ
Human Rights First
Institute for Policy Studies, National Priorities Project
J Street
Jewish Voice for Peace
Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns
National Council of Churches
National Iranian American Council Action
National Religious Campaign Against Torture
Open Society Policy Center
Pax Christi USA
Peace Action
Peace Corps Iran Association
Ploughshares Fund
Presbyterian Church (USA)
Project On Government Oversight
Public Citizen
R Street Institute
September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows
Union of Concerned Scientists
United Church of Christ, Justice and Witness Ministries
United Methodist Church - General Board of Church and Society
Unitarian Universalist Association
Win Without War
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