Policy Letter

POGO Supports Whistleblower Appreciation Day

July 20, 2017

The Honorable Charles E. Grassley

Chairman, Committee on the Judiciary

135 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Grassley,

On behalf of the Project On Government Oversight (POGO), I would like to sincerely thank you for introducing the Whistleblower Appreciation Day resolution for 2017.

POGO is an independent nonprofit that has, for 35 years, investigated and exposed corruption and misconduct in order to achieve a more accountable federal government. As such, our organization is deeply committed to protecting whistleblowers within the federal government and its contractors. We know that blowing the whistle on the federal government often comes at a great personal and professional cost, which is why we commend you for leading efforts to celebrate whistleblowers on the national stage.

While there is much work to be done, it is encouraging to see the bipartisan Whistleblower Protection Caucus pausing to recognize and champion the men and women who blow the whistle to improve our country.

We support this resolution and applaud you for your leadership on this important issue.


Danielle Brian

Executive Director