Press Release

Air Force Right to Fire General Who Threatened Troops with Treason

Statement of Danielle Brian, Executive Director, Project On Government Oversight:

The Air Force’s decision to remove Major General James Post from his position as vice commander of Air Combat Command was the right move.

As we said in our February 5 letter to the Air Force Secretary, Major General Post had to be held accountable. When he told service members it would be “treason” to communicate with Congress about the A-10’s capabilities it showed he was unfit for command.

Members of the military have a constitutional right to communicate with Congress. To threaten them with an offense as serious as treason goes against the very oath that all military personnel and Major General Post, himself, had to take.

We look forward to an investigation into the retaliation against those who brought Major General Post's remarks to light.

Follow the link to read POGO’s letter to the Air Force Secretary.

Follow the link to read the Air Force Inspector General’s investigation into Major General Post.