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Open The Government Will Join the Project On Government Oversight

Open The Government, a coalition that works to create a more open and accountable government, will become part of POGO in August.

Media Contacts: Danielle Brian, Executive Director at the Project On Government Oversight (POGO), [email protected]; or Caitlin MacNeal, Communications Director at POGO, [email protected]

(WASHINGTON) — The Project On Government Oversight is excited to announce that Open The Government, a coalition that works to create a more open and accountable government, will become part of POGO in August.

POGO has been a member of the Open The Government (OTG) coalition since OTG was founded in 2003, and POGO shares the coalition’s commitment to building a stronger democracy. These shared values and work make POGO a natural home for OTG in its next phase.

Open The Government has brought together a broad coalition of groups that represent a variety of interests and ideologies to advance an ambitious government accountability and transparency agenda. The coalition launched a racial equity and accountability effort to confront the legacy of racism within our democratic institutions, and built its capacity to collaborate more intentionally with organizations on the forefront of the fight for racial equity. With these groups, the coalition will co-create state and federal policies that address the processes of government decision-making that have harmed communities of color. In its next phase at POGO, the Open The Government coalition will focus primarily on this racial equity and accountability work.

As an anti-racist organization, POGO is committed to developing reforms that target the corruption and abuse of power in our federal government that perpetuates racial inequalities. We're thrilled OTG will be continuing its crucial work to address systemic racism in our government through transparency and accountability measures in its new home at POGO.

POGO is also pleased to announce that three members of OTG’s steering committee will be joining POGO’s board of directors. Jeanine Abrams McLean is the president of Fair Count, a nonprofit founded to ensure an accurate 2020 census that now focuses on increasing civic engagement and access to voting. Hina Shamsi is the director of the ACLU National Security Project, where she works to ensure that national security policy does not infringe on civil liberties and human rights. Virginia Kase Solomón is the CEO of the League of Women Voters and has more than 20 years of experience advocating for social justice and civil rights. The perspectives of these three extraordinary new board members will be invaluable to POGO as the organization expands its efforts to root out government abuse of power that disproportionately impacts historically underrepresented communities.

“I have been impressed with Open The Government over the years and delighted that the coalition’s excellent work will now be housed at the Project On Government Oversight,” said Danielle Brian, executive director of POGO. “With OTG as a part of our organization, POGO will expand our team’s ability to advance government accountability and transparency reforms, particularly when it comes to addressing systemic racism in government policies and institutions.”

OTG Executive Director Lisa Rosenberg will stay on as an advisor for a few months as OTG adjusts to its new home at POGO.

“My decision to leave OTG at this critical time for our democracy was difficult, but made easier knowing that POGO is fully committed to OTG’s work advancing accountability policies that will inform the public, combat corruption, and help create an anti-racist government. POGO is an ideal home for the OTG coalition, which is a unique and critical resource in the fight for a stronger democracy,” said Rosenberg.

OTG’s Jarvis Williams will join POGO’s staff as a racial equity and accountability strategist, and will lead OTG’s coalition work as coalition manager. OTG’s Freddy Martinez will also join POGO, and will work on research and investigations.

Members of OTG’s steering committee have been invited to serve on an advisory committee, which will support the coalition’s work at POGO.


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