Press Release

The Pentagon Director of Test and Evaluation Annual Report for FY2010

POGO has managed to get a hold of most of the newest annual report by the Pentagon Office of the Director of Operational Test and Evaluation (or DOT&E in Pentagon-speak). The newest report is not available for free anywhere else online (Inside Washington Publishers has it behind a paywall).

The report is a great place to look for progress and problems in major weapons programs and major weapons upgrades.

Last year, the DOT&E reversed the post-9/11 decision to take down its annual reports and posted all of them for FY1999 through FY2009. It’s likely the latest report will make its way to DOT&E’s website soon, but for now feel free to take a look at our copy.

Here’s what we have:

As we wrote a year ago at the Center for Public Integrity, the DOT&E annual report has its roots in a 1980s weapons scandal that led to a book and a film called “The Pentagon Wars.” The movie stars Kelsey Grammer as a less-than-forthright Army general in charge of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle program.