Press Release

POGO Provides Oversight Handbook To Congress And Hill Staff To Encourage Increased Oversight

Today, the Project On Government Oversight (POGO) delivered to every Member of Congress a copy of its recently published handbook, The Art of Congressional Oversight: A User’s Guide to Doing It Right.

The handbook is designed to empower congressional staff to tap into the U.S. Congress’s numerous oversight powers. The book includes tips and resources from more than a dozen current and former Hill staffers who are regarded by their peers to be among the most effective oversight practitioners from both sides of the aisle.

“This handbook is a way to address widespread concerns about the quality and quantity of oversight activities on the Hill,” says Danielle Brian, POGO Executive Director. “The book contains dozens of practical steps staffers can take to strengthen their investigations and get more media attention for their Member’s oversight efforts.”

The handbook emerges in response to the popularity of our Congressional Oversight Training Series (COTS), which is a free lunch-time skill-building series of seminars for Hill staffers.

The handbook is also a treasure trove of valuable information for students, political scientists, and the public about how Congress actually operates. While given to congressional staff and Members at no cost, the handbook can be purchased from POGO’s website at: