Press Release

POGO Releases 2017 Baker’s Dozen Wishlist for Congress

WASHINGTON--The Project On Government Oversight (POGO) has unveiled its biennial list of 13 policy areas ripe for Congressional action. It includes recommendations for legislative fixes to make the federal government more transparent, accountable, and ethical.

Called the “Baker’s Dozen,” these are priorities demanding immediate attention by lawmakers who are serious about improving the effectiveness of government and saving taxpayers billions of dollars. POGO’s last Baker’s Dozen resulted in Congress enacting bipartisan legislation to strengthen the independence of Inspectors General, hold those who retaliate against whistleblowers in the Veterans Administration (VA) accountable, and modernize the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

POGO Policy Counsel Elizabeth Hempowicz said:

“We know there’s an appetite for this list. In the previous Congress, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle consulted the Baker’s Dozen frequently and we’ve been getting a lot of requests for the newest list of priorities.

It’s very encouraging to know there’s nonpartisan interest in ways Congress can make the federal government more effective and accountable.”

The 2017 Baker’s Dozen for the 115th Congress includes:

  1. Enacting Pro-Taxpayer Contracting Reforms
  2. Improving Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protections and Oversight of Current Whistleblower Law Implementation
  3. Addressing Problems and Loopholes in the Foreign Agents Registration Act
  4. Making Federal Watchdogs More Independent, Accountable, and Effective
  5. Increasing Transparency of Outside Influence on the Government
  6. Bringing Increased Transparency and Oversight to the Executive Branch
  7. Stopping Overlooked and Significantly Wasteful Spending
  8. Tackling Military Acquisition Reform
  9. Ensuring Taxpayers get a Fair Return on Publicly Owned Natural Resources
  10. Increasing Ethics Oversight of the Executive Branch
  11. Modernizing Congressional Rules
  12. Decreasing the FDA’s Reliance on Industry
  13. Reforming the Administration of the VA and its Treatment of Veterans

Click here for the full report, which includes a detailed policy analysis of each of the recommendations.