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Press Release

POGO Submits Brief Raising Concerns About GSA Contracts

Due to POGO’s interest of federal contracting, we submitted a brief supporting a whistleblower’s effort to expose alleged fraud and prohibited modifications to terms and conditions on pre-established federal contracts. The case, Ubl v IIF Data Solutions, Inc., highlights major concerns with General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule contracts.

“Despite the history of this case, we believe that it highlights a contract system that is ripe for abuse,” stated POGO’s general counsel Scott Amey. “GSA Schedule contracts are rendered essentially worthless if prices our created out of thin air or the terms or conditions are materially altered when orders are placed.”

POGO will continue to watchdog the Ubl v. IIF case, provide insights about GSA Schedule contracts, and work with government officials to improve the GSA Schedule program.

To read POGO's amicus brief click here.