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We must close the loophole that allows law enforcement to buy our personal data without a warrant.

Press Release

POGO urges the Supreme Court to take on case gutting GSA Schedule contracts




The Project On Government Oversight (“POGO”), by counsel, has requested consent from counsel for all parties for filing this brief. Counsel for the petitioner consents to this filing. Counsel for the federal government has not responded, nor has. Counsel for respondents responded to this motion.

The amicus plays an important role in ensuring that federal contract dollars are spent wisely. POGO made its mark by looking into Pentagon waste, fraud, and abuse, spotlighting overspending, including on overpriced toilet seats ($640), coffee makers ($7,600), and other spare parts ($436 hammers). POGO’s investigations have expanded to include national defense and homeland security concerns, government subservience to commercial interests, abuse in government contracting, excessive secrecy, and mismanagement of natural resources by federal agencies.

POGO is often asked to testify at congressional hearings and to provide background information to Members of Congress, executive branch agencies, the Government Accountability Office (“GAO”), and Inspectors General. By applying internal and external pressure through the media, the public, elected officials, and other policymakers, POGO helps ensure that the federal government implements policies and programs in a manner that benefits all Americans. Additional information can be found at

In those efforts, POGO has worked with thousands of whistleblowers who have shed light on government misconduct and systemic problems that harm the public.

Given this involvement, the amicus is particularly well-suited to provide this Court with supplementary evidence and to comment on the facts and law of the case at bar.

Follow the link to view the complete amicus brief.