Press Release

Records Originally Requested by POGO Eleven Years Ago Help Prompt FEMA Nominee’s Withdrawal

Revolving Door Conflicts Would Have Likely Caused Problems for Nominee

Yesterday, NBC News reported that Daniel “Dan” Craig, President Trump’s nominee for Deputy Administrator at FEMA, withdrew his nomination for the senior position at the agency. POGO has been conducting an 11-year investigation into Craig and is releasing additional information that we requested through the Freedom of Information Act in 2006. POGO’s separate investigation into Craig’s activities at FEMA highlights several revolving door concerns and an IG investigation that didn’t go far enough.

POGO’s investigation shows that during Craig’s time at FEMA, he wasn’t actually removed from matters related to several contractors—the same contractors that he was interviewing with during his concurrent job hunt, potentially on the taxpayer’s dime in some instances. Craig self-reported possible ethics violations in 2005, but the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General didn’t find enough evidence to substantiate a violation. POGO obtained the IG’s report after an 11-year battle with the office.

Scott Amey, POGO’s general counsel, stated:

Despite the IG’s conclusions, there are numerous ethical questions related to Craig’s activities before and after leaving FEMA for the private sector after Hurricane Katrina. Yesterday’s news confirms many of our concerns that were likely to surface during Craig’s Senate confirmation hearing. His employment negotiations and the award of huge non-competitive contracts never passed the smell test to some inside FEMA, and to those outside the agency.