Press Release

Serious lapses in planning by DHHS may have contributed to the present vaccine shortage

The current flu vaccine shortage in some areas of the country was forecast by the Project On Government Oversight in a series of warnings over the last few months.

"As the country faces shortages of the flu vaccine, the public demand for answers for the delay will grow louder. We believe this long delay after the start of the pandemic could have been avoided. The failure by DHHS to support the production of recombinant vaccine in a timely fashion was a serious lapse that may have contributed to the present shortage," said Dr. Ned Feder, POGO Staff Scientist.

POGO believes that the agency can still mitigate the mistakes of the past and that similar deficiencies can be avoided in the future with decisive leadership. Greater transparency will certainly be necessary to ensure the public’s confidence in the flu vaccine program.

On September 30, POGO sent its most recent letter, with an attached article, to Secretary Sebelius. In these documents and others linked to them POGO has urged greater transparency in the vaccine program.