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How Lax EPA Oversight Enabled Jackson's Water Crisis.

Press Release

Statement On Trump Press Conference

From Danielle Brian, Executive Director, Project On Government Oversight

“Firewalls work in businesses, not in families. Trump claims he’ll only learn about his businesses from the newspapers, but it’s hard to believe that family dinner conversations will be restricted to the weather.

Trump’s proposals today make decent sound bites, but, in reality, fall short of meaningfully solving the problem. Retaining ownership and allowing his children to operate the family business is a page out of the Corruption 101 Handbook.

Trump’s plan doesn’t prevent his business interests from benefiting him or his family while he’s in office or interfering with his presidential duties. In fact, the plan will likely embroil Trump in controversy and litigation.

And the President-elect is wrong that anti-corruption laws don’t apply to the president. Some don’t, others do.”