Press Release

Trump Administration Reverses Course on White House Visitor Logs

WASHINGTON – On the news that the Trump Administration will not voluntarily disclose the names of White House visitors, POGO’s Open Government Program Manager, Sean Moulton said:

This is another leap in the wrong direction in the fight to clean up Washington and the federal government. The Trump Administration hides behind national security as it reasons for not proactively releasing White House Visitor Logs. However, such concerns were resolved by President Obama. Hiding information behind the American flag is a political move and one likely requested by White House visitors who would rather come and go in darkness. The public has a right to know who its leaders are meeting with as they make decisions about which direction to take our country. It doesn't matter who holds the highest office, there should be transparency and accountability for their actions. The visitor logs, while far from perfect, helped provide that check and balance.