Press Release

UNCONFIRMED INVESTIGATIVE LEAD: National Security Compromises at Los Alamos

In recent days what appear to be high-level officials have contacted POGO and others to draw attention to a "criminal activity, administrative mismanagement and high level corruption" at Los Alamos National Laboratories including allegations that criminal activities have been covered up.

Through anonymous faxes and emails, the anonymous officials alleged a credit card fraud scandal that has now been confirmed by FBI search warrants. However, much more serious allegations from the anonymous officials warrant further investigation:

  • "the possibility of spying," and the purchase of "spy-type equipment" for personal use
  • "The Waste, Fraud and Abuse office is used as a cover-up system by Laboratory officials to protect Laboratory interests...major criminal activity has been brought to their attention for many years but they bury the records and take no action."
  • "Laboratory officials...have, in October 2002, forbid Laboratory investigative personnel (S Division) to even speak to any FBI agent in order to prevent them from exposing major crimes that are occurring at the Laboratory even if it involves national security."
  • "Corruption, mismanagement, and crime is wholesale at the National Laboratory in Los Alamos and these types of activities involve national security in areas that Laboratory officials call 'black areas' but nothing is being done to protect this national/homeland interest."

According to the officials: "There are many, many people who want to tell all they know but are afraid."

To view the FBI search warrants, click here.